Simple Ways to Help Iranian Free Speech


Announcement copied from ReunifyGally:

Whether we agree or disagree with any given Iranian citizen, they ought to have the right to express their views. Here are simple ways you can help them defeat attempts at censorship in Iran:

1. Do you twitter? Change your twitter setting to GMT +3:30 (Tehran time) and your location to any city in Iran. If all of us are Iranians then it is a little harder for government censors to track down Iranian tweeters. (See list of Iranian cities at

2. Read a list of a few more simple ideas for how you can help at

3. Finished with #1 and #2 above? Recruit others to help too. Spread the word. Here are a few ways you can do this:

  • Tweet this phrase:Simple ways to help Iranian free speech: #IranElection #gr88 Pls RT
  • Also consider copy/pasting this announcement into your blog or facebook page so more people will see it. Or simply link to its original home at (If you copy/paste, please copy the text from its original home to ensure that you have any updated URLs or other information.)
  • Also, consider voting for this blog post ( at one or more of the following:,; ( That will help more people find it.

4. Looking for more ideas how to help? Consult


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  1. Nice one, Silvia! I’ve been tweeting newspaper articles from our daily broadsheet, The Age, in Melbourne Australia. They seem well written, though it’s naturally hard to see what’s really happening on the ground. It sure looks like a lot of people are being majorly disrespected over there. Thank you for your informative post, and for visiting my blog. Best regards, P. 🙂

  2. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your comment. But I can’t take credit for this post — I reposted it from the blog ReunifyGally as part of my own role as a cyberwarrior for free speech.

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